Monday, March 3, 2014

First Pitch to a Light Stand

I can hear you shiver,
from next door.
It lit a fire-- a hot foot
to get me started.
The moon could kill me if
I didn't move, instead of watching
birds pick moths off the ceiling.

Hello, sunshine. The thin cracks in
your skin, glowing tangerine.
She'll come back..I thought.
Bursting, bright enough through the
door. I'm in love with the warmth
of your cinder lips. A kiss, a blast.
You're my only light.

Angels sing about you.
Your skin was like a full moon
wading through the stars. And
last summer I saw you
sleeping with grass on your skin.
At the beach, your curls,
your sunburned hair--
and shining pearl.

I'm naked in your room. I
feel the ghost of a cloud pass
with a bothering wind. The freee
frame of you in mind. She'll come back.
I say it in the dark with the lights off.
But can I say it without breathing.