Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Hairy Situation (a poem)

A Hairy Situation

Many a strange things happenin lately.
I seen this kid, he was wearin
nothin but a hat on. I went
up to him asked him why he
ain’t got nothin but a hat. He told
me it’s hot out. I found that particularly
strange on the count it was a
cool 64 degrees. He asked me
why I was fully dressed. I
answered to him, “It’s pretty cool out.”
He just looked away, so I asked him
why he just got a hat on. He tells
me, “it’s to keep my hairs from
fallin off.” I told him okay
and walked on my way scratchin
my head…then I looked at my
hands, they was covered in my hairs.
Some mighty strange things.

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