Monday, June 11, 2012

Game Quests

Grave Yard

Find Weapon 
Description: Search for a weapon before continuing

Find Exit                                                                                
Locate the exit to the surface

Defeat creatures for Omar
A young boy is trapped by dangerous creatures. Help rescue him!

Clear debris around the cemetery                              
Hudson the Grave Keeper asks for your help keeping the graveyard tidy.
Capture a wisp                                                                       
A mysterious apothecary needs a rare ingredient.
Clear worm infestation                                                          
Hudson realized there has been a ferocious amount of worms digging into graves.
Defeat Grave Robbers                                                          
A family comes to you for help. They witnessed men digging up the bodies of their loved ones.
Find the Grave Robber stash                                     
After investigating the graves of their loved ones the family noticed possessions have gone missing.

Return the belongings
Take the stolen possessions back to the family members.
Find Hudson’s shovel                                                
Hudson believes someone or something stole his shovel. A likely place may be the hollowed tree cellar.
optional*  Unlock the crypt                                       
After finding a strange key in the tree cellar Hudson tells you to try it on a locked crypt.

Complete Hudson’s duties                                        
Hudson asks you to take over for him while he visits his ailing mother.
1. Dig four plots of land.       
2. Erect four tombstones.
3. Defend the new graves against robbers.

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