Friday, June 22, 2012

Lightning in the Airfield (a poem)

Usually in summer the sky doesn’t darken as fast. Today started with news of your viewing, I found out through Facebook. It’s difficult deciding whether or not to show especially after years of only casual chatter. I decided it was best I attend.

In my last message to you I described the thunder as you banging your drums. Hours before I arrived you started playing, letting us know you’re safe. It wasn’t easy being there but it brought people together to bond over you. I hope the fortune cookie I left you from Bobo’s brings luck. I regret not making time for us to catch up at the buffet. Looking at your photographs I started choking up at one in particular. Christmas day, holding up a Spider-Man blanket, your face was in total excitement. So young and happy.

The weather cleared for few hours allowing me to drive through the base and eat at Wendy’s. On the way, another storm rolled in. Maybe you wanted to join me. Lightning clashed with each strike on the cymbal. It lit up the landing strip. Thunder erupted from the bass I rolled my window down to listen. It ended just as I got inside. Who needs a radio.

On my way in a man was asking for 2 dollars. I told him “I’ll try” even though I didn’t want to. After ordering I walked back to him waving the money. He tells me his story. “She took 3,000 dollars and my kids away,” his alcoholic tongue was dripping. I assume he wanted to buy more beer or whatever lonely beggars drink. An employee told him to scram then I washed my hands. It was quiet inside. I ate my spicy chicken and surfed my phone. I thought of you. I thought of this.

It was still raining on the ride home. Lightning bugs were in full flight. I guess they’re little sparks falling from the clouds. At home the storm continued. It now reminds me of the aguish and pain filling every heart that cared for you. It’s not your fault.
Storms settle. Tears settle. Hearts settle.

Memories, that’s all we have. I take your little in-memoriam picture from my beating chest pocket. I place it someplace safe with all the others. You’re in great company. Always will be.

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